Registration fees

Booked in advance, provided space is available

A non-refundable fee of R1,200 per (new) child is due on the initial registration of the child at Lyttelton Manor Nursery School. This fee will also include a FREE T-Shirt.

An annual non-refundable re-registration of R150 per child is due in January each year. This fee is subject to an annual increase.

Monthly School Fees

Our monthly school fees for February – November 2021(no fees are payable in December) are as follows:

Full Day

One child – R3,500
Two children (siblings only) – R6,300
Three children (siblings only) – R8,900

Half Day

One child – R3,000
Two children (siblings only) – R5,400
Three children (siblings only) – R7,400

Day Visitors

We also accommodate day visitors, provided space is available at the following rates per day:

One child – R220
Two children (siblings only) – R400
Three children (siblings only) – R550

Extra-mural activities

A number of extra-mural activities are offered at Lyttleton Manor Nursery School, including: ballet, swimming, drama, cricket, music, karate, monkeynastics, stimuzone and science classes.

Please note extra-mural fees are not included in the school fees quoted above.

Important information

School fees are due in advance each month.

Should you wish to remove your child from Lyttelton Manor Nursery School, we require a minimum of one months’ written notice.

Price increases are effective 1 January annually.